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With NEW "Social Texting" Videos

During and After the Pandemic You Need a Competitive Advantage to Capture Your Customers Attention and Generate New Sales



Built for Thermal Imaging Providers

We worked closely with the IAMT to create a Done-For-You "Social Texting" Videos that we've developed with the IAMT Leadership as a Special Membership BONUS that gives you this cool sales video at 50%+ Off!

This unique new Video format of one or two women texting each other or your business directly to discuss the benefits of Thermal Imaging vs traditional mammograms.

And you get TWO options including an optional ability to customize the Messaging between the women in the backgrounds.

It's Done For You

We've done the heavy lifting to build the messaging conversation so it helps you sell in the most unique way available today. Real people sharing through Text Messaging or iMessage.

It Plays Everywhere

You can add your "Social Texting" video to your website, landing pages, social media posts, youtube or anywhere else it's possible to play a video with very little effort!

Get started with Your Own "Social Texting" Video!

We know that the need to create powerful Sales Videos is already HOT today and growing so we plan to add new backgrounds every month if you want to create multiple videos or just change the one you initially had created.


About Mark Royer CEO and San Diego Digital Health & Wellness

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Hello! My name is Mark Royer, CEO of San Diego Digital Health & Wellness Agency and I want to help you and your business Survive and Thrive during, and beyond, the COVID-10 Pandemic.

I’ve spent 40 years in the IT/Software business working as a Developer, Author, CIO, CTO and a half dozen other titles but they all come down to one thing... Technology that solves business problems and/or creates opportunities for improved leads, sales or reduces costs to generate more profit for your business.

Our new "Social Texting" Video is a Breakthrough in Sales Video Technology that grabs your visitors attention for maximum engagement like nothing else and draws them into the conversation and sells your products and services like never before.

If you want help with your Website, SEO, Landing pages (like this one), Videos, Funnels, Email Marketing, SMS/Text Marketing, Paid Ads (Google Bing Facebook Instagram LinkedIn Pinterest), Cryptocurrency Payment Systems or other Digital Advertising & Marketing check our our website and book a short call with me to discuss your needs.

Get Your "Social Texting" Video Today!

Let's kick your 2021 Sales into High Gear by grabbing your website visitors attention and letting the video sell your products and services

You are fully protected by our 100% Satisfaction-Guarantee.

If, for any reason, you don't like your video we will work with you to change the video until you are so happy with it that you are proud to put this on your website, landing pages, social media posts, youtube and more!

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Does my business need to download or setup anything?

We will provide you with an industry standard MP4 video file that you can add to your website, landing pages, social posts, youtube or really anywhere on the internet that supports videos. We will even help convert the format to another if for some reason MP4 doesn't work for you.

How long will it take to get my Social Texting Video?

Our service level commitment is 72 hours (3 business days) for the GOLD video that allows you to provide your business contact information and 5 business days for the PLATINUM Video that includes custom conversation for your video.

How many background choices do I have?

We offer 3 different background options but plan to add more over time. There are 2 video backgrounds and 1 image background. Email us at support@SanDiegoDigitalHealthWellness.com for a quote to create a custom image or video background.

Can I change my contact info after you create my video?

Yes. We know that sometimes businesses need to re-brand themselves, especially during this ongoing pandemic so we are happy to change your company name, email, phone, website after your video is complete at no charge to you if you have a change in any of these.

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